Our Solutions

Convenient waste
management solutions

key infrastructure that processes recyclables from consumers
(depositors) into industrial products.

GIVO Technology Platform (GTP)


Uses of suite of advanced technologies to track material flow, emissions and compliance enabling transparency & finance for the waste value chain. GTP platform enhances data quality & decision making by connecting the dots in the plastic management supply chain to create a circular economy.


The technology platform includes a Hardware + Software Solution that enables the automating and digitization of  the collection of recyclables. The hardware includes digital weighing scales and Bluetooth printers to record weight and issue receipts to depositors. The mobile app keeps track of all deposits. all data is sent real-time to a cloud-based web server that can be used to view reports on total collections in a given area.

End to End Traceability

Automating and digitizing of activities via software and hardware which include; IoT, mobile apps, GPS, AI & BlockChain. Enables operations optimization & tracking key stakeholders.

Payment Solution

Integrated payment solution that enables digitized payment across the value chain. Also providing financial services such as loans & insurance.

Linkage to Green Finance

The GTP provides best in standard data authentication protocol for verification which enables access to carbon & plastic credit markets.

Real Time Reporting

Cloud based platform, accessible anywhere. Caters to Various stakeholders with different access points.

GIVO Center


The GIVO center operates as a local hub operated by youth and women, that collects plastics from households and the environment and processes these materials into industrial products. By diverting waste materials from landfills, each center collects 90 metric tons annually, leading to a cleaner environment.

Currently, there are two active GIVO Centers:-


  • GIVO Centre, Wuse II, FCT, Abuja
  • GIVO Centre, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos

Key Features

  1. Customized 40ft Container
  2. 5KVA solar inverter system
  3. Integrated with GIVO software solution     

Capacity: 250-300 kg of plastic collected and processed daily
Staff: 10 15 full time jobs created.
Output: Shredded plastic granules worth $700/MT


  1. Provision of a convenient and efficient waste management solution for 10,000 community residents per center.
  2. 2000+ MT of Co2 Avoided.
  3. Incentives disbursed within local community (up to $18,000 per year).
  4. Up to $56k+ Revenue from Commodity Trading.


GIVO Foundation


GIVO Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting circularity by educating communities on the value of “waste”. With a focus on experiential engagement, we equip people with practical knowledge and tools to create systemic change;  enabling them become ambassadors and promoters within communities. Founded in 2021, the GIVO Foundation has impacted over 1,200 individuals to date across communities in Nigeria through training programs, skills acquisition, job opportunities, and the production of consumer products from recyclables.



Products Made


Training Completed


Incentives Paid Out

Since our founding, we have made practical efforts to share our experience and knowledge with the public through the organisation of trainings, workshops, and exhibitions that educates them on the benefits that lie within sustainable living. We have been able to empower people outside and within our community while creating job opportunities to enable them to play a vital role in the preservation of our environment. We have also participated in strategic community engagement activities aimed at creating awareness about our planet that seek to reconcile economic growth, environmental balance, and social progress. 



Preaching circularity within communities through trainings, forums & exhibition that educates on the benefits for all.


We incentivize behavior by providing passive income to depositors, encouraging communities to play a vital role in the preservation of our environment.

Products Manufacturing

Some materials from GIVO Center are used in manufacturing consumer products such as furniture & PPE; thus promoting the concepts of circularity and sustainable living.

A world where recycling is convenient, rewarding and sustainable.

Our Mission is to be the leading enabler for the circular economy in Africa, by providing tech-enabled waste management solutions to communities.

collection of plastics
sorting according to types,
cleaning, etc.

Setting design pattern
melting and cooling