About Us

Establishing a circular economy in Africa

Making Recycling Convenient, Rewarding And Sustainable

Nigeria is one of the largest consumers of plastics in Africa, accounting for 17% of consumption on the continent and is expected to exceed 40 million tonnes by 2030.


Less than 10% waste generated in Nigeria is recycled with the majority ending up burned or in uncontrolled dumpsites. Though elusive, available data indicate most waste is generated by households, followed by local industries, artisans, and traders which litter the immediate surroundings and lead to environmental degradation, poor health and following rainfall, run-off into drains and watercourses. Improper collection and disposal of municipal waste is leading to an environmental catastrophe as the country currently lacks adequate investment or the implementation of an integrated waste management program. Working with FBRA, GIVO is focused on the primary consumer packaging plastic in household waste – Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene and Polystyrene – packaging with the highest value, and associated with FBRA PRO scheme.


GIVO (Garbage In Value Out) is a circular economy company that offers an end-to-end recycling solution.


We use IoT-enabled devices to collect recyclable material directly from individuals, families, and businesses and process these materials into consumer and industrial goods. We also partner with mobile money service providers like Paga to improve the overall economic welfare of the waste generators (those who participate in our collection exercises) and drive financial inclusion through incentives, cashless transactions, and credit history.

GIVO began making international standard PPE from recycled materials, but we have grown beyond making PPEs and have begun producing other sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products from the recycled materials collected during our recycling activities. Some of these products include flower vases, tables, toys, face masks etc. Our latest innovation is the plastic panel, made from 100% recycled plastics.


Women and Youth are integral to our operations as they are the primary caregivers in their households.


We are engaging with women and youth in the following ways:

Jobs Creation: At least 50% of the 15 Jobs in the GIVO centers will be filled by women, providing them an opportunity to increase their income and livelihood.

Incentives: As waste depositors, they earn additional income through incentives. We aim to pay $0.2/kg by 2023; providing $20k per Centre.

Education & Advocacy: We will educate them on the need for recycling and sustainable waste management practices to drive continuous participation and create a cultural mindset shift towards recycling.


Our Team

Victor Boyle-Komolafe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chartered Accountant with experience in Circularity & Sustainable Businesses.

Lorenzo Boncompagni

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tech professional with over 20 years in developing scalable ICT solutions.

Busola Akin-Olawore

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Research executive with experience in; Data Analytics, and Market Researcher.

Tairat Bashorun

Operation Lead

Risk expert knowledgeable in Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM).